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Nice job!

You did WAY better than I would have done. I just thought you introduced too much characters on the Sora stage. And it would have been a bit better with more characters.

Still though, I like how you made it like the Brawl trailer, and also how you added another newcomer at the end. Also, you used my Sora sprites. ^_^


It was a good sprite battle. I also like your Wario and Waluigi sprites. Plus, you used my Yoshi edits (well, barely), so that made it even more awesome.

Nice job, NF!

Meh... The old ones were better.

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Blockhead. However, this was sort of a disappointment. I was expecting it to be hilarious like the other one. Sadly, it wasn't. I thought the humor of your older episodes were WAY better. And I don't like the fat guy's new look either. It just doesn't fit his personallity anymore. I really hope that Blockhead isn't really changing. Anyways, the humor was some what decent. I chuckled a few times. Though, I used to crack up on the other Blockheads. The graphics seem to be the only thing that has improved. Though, like I said before, I don't like the fat man's new look. It just seemed to fit his personallity more before. I STRONGLY suggest that you change it back to his old look. This episode didn't really keep my attention either. I just kinda got bored.

Overall, I thought it was great. Though, it was ok compared to your other movies. I know you can make better. Though, don't get my wrong, I still liked this one. Just not as much as I liked the other ones.

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But why did you submit this as a new flash instead of replacing the old one with this? It's almost the same thing! Anyways, I like the improvements. The buttons look better and I like how you linked the badges and diety whistle to a person who has the rank. I like how you fixed the music. Like I said in your other flash, there could have been a little more information. I liked the music. And it seemed like a good tutorial for new members.

HomerDough responds:


Pretty good for new members.

I think it could have a little more information such as how the experience you need to level up changes everytime the level 30 user deposits his experience. I think the music in it was good but the graphics were ok. There were a lot of pictures which was good. However, there was not much of a background. Only a black background. I think it was good for new members but it could have a little more information.

HomerDough responds:

I know I need a better background. I'll make one with fireworks and thanks for the review!

Eh, it was ok.

One of the questions was wrong. Newgrounds was not created on 1998, it was created on 1995. I think some of the quesitons were way too easy, and some were a little hard. I suggest not putting one that says something like, "What was ranked #1 on June 3, 2006?" because who would memorize something like that. All the backgrounds were gradients, but it's better than just plain colored backrounds. I think it was an on quiz.

HomerDough responds:

Alright but the next version is gonna be better!

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Nice orchestra touch

This is by far the best Robotnik Battle remix I have ever heard. It was remixed very well and is a good and original sounding remix.


I can play this on the piano, but it's not anywhere near as good as this.


Great Remix!

It's really good! I like how you added a techno touch to it! It sounds like a future version of the Oompa Loompa song. Though, I was expecting singing.

PERVOK responds:

So was I, but I suck at singing.

I confess, I'm trisexual.

28, Male


A horrible one


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